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ProTeam ProCare 15 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax
On All Orders Over $75. UPS Ground Only Within The Contiguous US Sales Tax Will Apply To Florida Residents.

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

ProTeam XP15 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

ProTeam ProCare 15 Commercial Vacuum

The 15 proteam procare is designed specifically to provide exceptional cleaning. Premium quality on-board tools for the 15 and high-performance dual motor system on both models offers convenience and durability /for optimal efficiency and maximum effectiveness.  Pro Team Pro Care is low profile for getting under tables, beds and hard to reach areas. Changing the disposable paper bag is simple and easy.  The Pro Team Pro Care 15 commercial vacuum has dual motor motors in which it can deep clean all types of carpeting as well as bare floors such as tile, wood and marble. Built to last and quiet operation makes the ProTeam Pro Care 15 commercial vacuum one of the best on the market!
Heavy Duty
ProTeam ProCare 15 Features & Benefits
  • High efficiency exhaust filter and organically treated Intercept Micro Filter capture up to 99.77% of dust mites, pollen, viruses, and bacteria. 1 micron and larger.
  • Electronic system performance indicator alerts the operator to a full filter, airflow restriction or jammed brush roll.
  • 38 ft. 18-gauge power cord
  • Electronic system performance indicator
  • HEPA Filter Exhaust
  • Quick release cord dump
  • Ergonomic padded handle grip with conveniently mounted 3-way power switch
  • Fully Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment
Product Specifications
Proteam 15 Vacuum - How to Use Guide
  • Power: 1102 watts
  • Weight: 18lbs without tools
  • Four Level Filtration: 283 sq. in.
  • Intercept Micro Filter: 248 sq in
  • Airflow: 96 CFM
  • Static lift: 72 in.
  • Amps: Powerful 11A Dual Motor
  • Decibels: 70 dB - Quiet Series
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Great For Use In
Restaurants & Food Services - Car Dealerships - Hotels/Motels - Golf Clubhouses
Hospitals/Medical Clinics - Veterinary Clinics - Marinas - Warehouses
Car & Truck Rental Shops - Schools - Retail Stores - Theaters

ProTeam ProCare 15 Commercial Vacuum Unit

Proteam ProCare 15

Without On-Board Tools
Proteam ProCare 15
Commercial Vacuum Cleaner


"Combo Pack"
Proteam 15 + SC3683 Mighty-Mite
Proteam 15 Packaged with
SC3683 Mighty-Mite Canister Vacuum

Sale Price


Free Shipping & No Sales Tax


ProTeam ProCare 15 Maintenance Box

Maintenance Box
One Year Supply

  • 10 - ProTeam Bags
  • 1 - 14" Wood Brush Roller
  • 3 - ProTeam Cogged Belts

ProTeam Maintenance Box

Sale Price


Free Shipping & No Sales Tax


Little Powerhouse Utility Vacuum

Little Powerhouse

Super Strong Little Powerhouse
Utility Vacuum With Attachments

Little Powerhouse


Stock Up On Spare Parts!
Click here for even more spare parts!

Brush Roller
Replacement 14" Wood Brush Roller For
We Highly Recommend Changing The Brush Roller Once A Year To Maintain Optimal Performance. Order now and
avoid paying shipping later!

ProTeam Replacement Brush Roller

Price $34.95

Vacuum Bags - #103483
ProTeam ProCare Bags - 10 Pack
(1 Year Supply)

ProTeam Replacement Bags - Pack of 12

Price $28.95  

Vacuum Bags - #103483
Special Value

100 Bags For ProTeam ProCare

ProTeam Replacement Bags - Pack of 100

Price $119.95   

Belts For ProTeam ProCare - 3 Pack
(1 Year Supply)

ProTeam Replacement Belts - Pack of 3

Price $14.95

HEPA Filter - Absolutely No Dust
We Highly Recommend Changing The HEPA
Filter Every 6 Months

HEPA Filter Cartridge For ProTeam ProCare

Price $28.95

Canister Bags
Type MM Bags For Sanitaire / Eureka
Commercial SC3683 Mighty Mite Canister

ProTeam MM Bags


HEPA Filter - Absolutely No Dust
We Highly Recommend Changing The HEPA
Filter Every 6 Months

HEPA Filter Cartridge for SC3683

ProTeam HEPA Filter

Price $23.95

12" Magnet - Picks up paper clips, metal objects

ProTeam Magnet

Price $16.49

A Must for Backpack Vacuums!
Scent Tablets

Air Freshening Tablets To Eliminate Foul Odors
From Your Vacuum. Pack of 10

Sanitaire Scent Tablets Eliminate Foul Odors from your Vacuum

Price $9.95