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Sanitaire SC679-J Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax
On All Orders Over $75. UPS Ground Only Within The Contiguous US Sales Tax Will Apply To Florida Residents.

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

Sanitaire SC679-J Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Sanitaire 679-J Upright Vacuum

Sanitaire Commercial Lightweight Model SC679-J is ideal for carpet cleaning chores when a lighter vacuum is desired. Weighing only 12 pounds while is use, this unit can easily maneuver from room to room. A 12 inch cleaning width and 30 ft. power cord combine to make this lightweight commercial upright a convenient and powerful cleaning machine.

Sanitaire SC679-J Features Include:

  • Powerful 5.0 Amp / 600 watt Commercial Motor

  • Don't forget to order your VacuBumper (See Below)
  • 4 Level Carpet Height Adjustment

  • Heavy Duty Top Filling Cloth Bag Dump Out System

  • Standard Filtration

  • 30 foot 3-wire grounded cord

  • 12" Cleaning Width

  • Chrome Steel Handle

  • Regular Price: $199.00

  • Sanitaire Shake-Out System2 Year Warranty

Sanitaire SC679-J Product Specifications

  • Weight - 12 lbs.
  • Dirt Capacity - 1.9 Quarts
  • Decibel Level - 78
  • Motor CFM - 120

Packaging Info

  • UPC Code: 0 2316910079 4
  • Package Dimensions LxWxH: 20x14.25x7.75
  • Package Weight: 14 lbs

Great For Use In
Restaurants & Food Services - Car Dealerships - Hotels/Motels - Golf Clubhouses
Hospitals/Medical Clinics - Veterinary Clinics - Marinas - Warehouses
Car & Truck Rental Shops - Schools - Retail Stores - Theaters

If you have a lot of carpet to clean, then you need a machine with a lot of dirt capacity. The Sanitaire shake out bags can handle a huge 18 quart volume and these cleaners have proven their cleaning ability for many years. The empty, simple remove the bag with the quick release clamp system, slide off the bag clip on the top and shake out the dirt. Put the assembly back onto the machine and you are back on the cleaning job. Models range from 5-7 amp motors, molded and chrome hoods, 30'-50' power cords, 12-16" cleaning paths and all are UL listed

Free Shipping & No Sales Tax


Sanitaire SC679-J Commercial Upright Vacuum Unit

Sanitaire SC679-J
Sanitaire Commercial SC679-J
Upright Vacuum Cleaner
 $$ Buy More & Save $$
The more units you purchase, the
more you save. Great opportunity
for companies to save!!


Sanitaire SC679-J Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Buy 1-3 Units
Sale Price $136.00
...Also don't forget to order your maintenance box! See below..

Buy More & Save!
For 6 or More Units
Call 1.800.322.2965
For Discount Bulk Pricing

Sanitaire SC679-J Vacuum/Canister Combo

"Combo Pack"
Sanitaire / Eureka Commercial SC679-J + SC3683 Mighty-Mite

Sanitaire / Eureka SC679 Packaged with SC3683A Mighty-Mite Canister Vacuum

Sanitaire SC679-J Lightweight Vacuum CleanerSanitaire SC3683 Mighty-Mite

Sale Price


Free Shipping & No Sales Tax


Sanitaire SC679-J Maintenance Box

SC679-J Maintenance Box
One Year Supply

  • 1-Replacement Shake-Out Bag
  • 1-12" Wood Brush Roller
  • 6 Commercial Round Belts

Sanitaire Maintenance Box

Sale Price


Free Shipping & No Sales Tax


A Must Have For This Model

Your furniture's best friend.
Resolve the everyday problem of household damage caused by vacuum cleaners. VacuBumper™ prevents the nicks, dents and scratches on baseboards, furniture, walls, and even the vacuum itself!

Click here for more information


Bumper It!


Made in the USA

Normally $39.95
Sale Price


Little Powerhouse Utility Vacuum

Little Powerhouse

Super Strong Little Powerhouse
Utility Vacuum With Attachments

Click here for more information

Little Powerhouse


Stock Up On Spare Parts!
Click here for even more spare parts!

Brush Roller
Replacement Wood Brush Roller For SC679-J
We Highly Recommend Changing The Brush Roller Once A Year To Maintain Optimal Performance. Order now and avoid paying shipping later!

Sanitaire Brush Roller

Sanitaire SC679-J Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Price $19.95

Replacement Shake-Out Bag.
Red Sanitaire Vacuums Bag Assembly for SC679-J

Sanitaire Replacement Shake-Out Bag

Sanitaire SC679-J Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Price $29.95

Sanitaire Commercial
Outer Bag w/Zipper.

Accepts F & G style filter Bags.
Fits SC600 & SC800 Series.

Sanitaire Shake-Out Bag

Sanitaire SC899-E Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Price $39.95

Sanitaire Canister Bags
Type F & G Bags For Sanitaire / Eureka

Sanitaire Disposable F&G Style Bags

Sanitaire SC899-E Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Replacement Belts
Belts for SC679-J

Sanitaire Replacement Belts - Pack of 24Sanitaire Replacement Belts - Pack of 6

Sanitaire SC679-J Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Best Quality,
Much Longer Lasting

Choose quantity:
Pack of 6 - $12.00
Pack of 24 - $44.00
Pack of 50 - $84.95
           (Best Value)

Canister Bags
Type MM Bags For Sanitaire / Eureka
Commercial SC3683 Mighty Mite Canister

Sanitaire SC3683 Mighty-Mite


HEPA Filter - Absolutely No Dust
We Highly Recommend Changing The HEPA
Filter Every 6 Months

HEPA Filter Cartridge for SC3683

Sanitaire SC3683 Mighty-Mite

Price $23.95

12" Magnet - Picks up paper clips, metal objects

Sanitaire Magnet

Price $19.49

A Must for Backpack Vacuums!
Scent Tablets

Air Freshening Tablets To Eliminate Foul Odors
From Your Vacuum. Pack of 10

Sanitaire Scent Tablets Eliminate Foul Odors from your Vacuum

Price $9.95